Your Magic Mask

senior bald man in yellow shirt shows disturbance

Your Magic Mask

by D.C. Lozar

I’ve had it rough; I’ve had enough.

Give it to me straight, Doc; I’ll be tough.

Listen close, I said please.

Don’t say no, I’ve paid my fees.

It’s true I smoked and drank.

But I also put money in the bank.

So what about that magic pill?

I’ve got a place for you in my will.

My friend Johnny said you’re the best,

not at all like all the rest.

Old Man Death came knocking at my door.

But, I told him I was seeing you at four.

I saw it on the news the other day.

It’s the cure, but the HMOs won’t pay.

They said go see your doctor and ask.

Said to lift up your magic mask.

Deaf, dumb, and blind: Who me?

I’m not guilty of any responsibility.

There’s no cause and effect.

My health is due to your neglect.

I was young. I know better now.

Was that a furrow in your brow?

It’s true, I won’t change my ways.

But, I haven’t used up all my hospital days.

Did you hear what I just said?

It’ll be your fault if I end up dead.

Don’t give up on me, Doc. Don’t lose hope.

Just think about it while I grab a smoke.

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