Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman – Trigger Warning

Neil’s latest collection of short stories comes with a warning, a trigger warning. Fascinated with society’s recent trend to warn readers of content, he took it upon himself to title this amazing book for us before anyone else could. There are things inside, stories and ideas, which might upset a reader, even change how they view the world. There are also sweeping plot arcs and whimsical characters that might trigger fellow authors to envy Neil’s artistry.

He warned us.

“The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain…” was my favorite story. Runner-ups were Click-Clack the Rattlebag, Black Dog, and Nothing O’clock. These were juicy slices of fantastical worlds that burst open in the reader’s mind and gushed into our subconscious where it will no doubt leave an indelible stain.

The black mountain story blended classic fable authenticity with a dash of Grimm’s comeuppance. Click-Clack is a spooky ghost story, and Black Dog was a wonderful return to the broken half-god we rooted for in American Gods.

Trigger Warnings seamlessly weaves a variety of genres together into a verbal tapestry that delights the imagination, and I once again tip my fedora to one of our century’s great writers.

D.C. Lozar

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