The Shadow King

A brand new title from D.C. LozarThe Shadow King. Download a free ebook copy for the next several days!

In a future where all the adults have mysteriously disappeared, gangs of children live brutal lives as scavengers. In this cyberpunk urban thriller, Flip and his friends explore the swamps that surround their ghost town, find unimaginable treasures, and fall prey to a vicious predator who tests their fragile friendships. High-tech weapons that paralyze, underground parking garages run by A.I.s, and biologic weapons thirsty for human blood set the stage for this sci-fi novelette.

Exciting news: Quinn Lozar has narrated this title, and it will soon be released as an audiobook.  He did an amazing job – I’ll let you know when it ACX is done reviewing the files and it becomes available for download.

Stay in touch and have a great holiday season.

Best wishes,


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